Catching up

Need to catch up and drop some ink to paper–saw Mary Karr in concert with Rodney Crowell in Santa Cruz a week ago. Was anticipating to hear one of my favorite memoirists read, but learned she’s been a songwriter for quite some time, and not only can she write wicked music, she can belt them out, a blast!

Read  Fierce Attachments and The Situation and The Story. The first is Vivian Gornick’s grab you by the guts memoir of the tortured mother/daughter relationship. A must read! The second a superb book on the art of personal writing with excerpts from  memoirists throughout the past 100 years. I maxed out my library renewals and need to buy my copy. At the moment, I’m reading magazines and newspapers, pretty much since I’m writing and working on my web sites.

Both our teen sons have a bona fide summer job complete with an orientation, a uniform, a hefty paycheck, and rude customers. I am a proud Mama!

Have been listening to Los Lonely Boys and The Metrics to get me through the days filled with tedious researching. Right about now, I miss those stubborn, parched and drawn out writing days.

Meanwhile, I went AWOL with my left part of the brain and finally began populating my blog with my Man’s help. I set up a simple B&W design and racked up five pages of text and photos, still needs work–lots of fun and easy. Now need to harness all of my ideas and focus on working with an agent.

Queried 8 agents–received 2 good responses and am waiting to hear back from one, soon. The other wants a full blown proposal, so after this post, I’m back at the STRETCH MARKS marketing crank.

Am done. Want to go outside and catch that balmy breeze coming through my window…

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