An infertile woman’s opinion on renewing the adoption tax credit

I’m following the discussion Room for Debate which posted in yesterday’s  The New York Times. Read it and participate!

Should the Adoption Tax Credit Be Renewed?

“Yes! The tax credit may need revision, birth mothers may need to be included, and private adoption agencies in the U.S. and abroad may need reform, but come on, unless you’ve been on this end of infertility, it’s easy to intellectualize it.

A domestic or international adoption is not for the faint of heart and is an expensive endeavor. I know. I’ve been through both.

We weren’t well off; on the contrary, we were struggling with a start-up company and had siphoned off all of our savings. I chose to live in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico with our toddler sons for five months while my husband commuted every 2-3 weeks to finalize the adoption.

After years of navigating through a quagmire of bureaucracy, my husband and I were overjoyed to learn we were getting the adoption tax credit back in 2002. It felt like Christmas. We were ebullient. it helped us pay down credit card bills and stabilize our finances.

Trust me, we’re not it for the money.”

What do you think?

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