November is National Adoption Month!

It’s perfect timing for the New York Times’, Room for Debate discussion on the adoption tax credit renewal, because November is National Adoption Month.  

For the next twenty-eight days we can voice our opinion, share our stories, and hopefully folks in the pre/present/post adoption process may find a kernel of comfort. Like I said in my post a few of days ago, “Trust me, we’re not in it for the money.”

So, while the talk continues, there are several inspiring folks out there willing to help–one that caught my eye recently is They provide grants up to $15K to qualified folks wishing to adopt. Check them out.

A big thank you to these lovely human beings!

1 thought on “November is National Adoption Month!

  1. Wow! That 15K sure would have come in handy when you and Your Man were in the midst of your adoption struggles. It just goes to show there really are angels out there. Great to know that November is National Adoption Month. Didn’t know that. xo e:)

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