Writing memoir requires incentives and rewards

My last three posts this week about the emotional barnacles that attach themselves to us left me in a puddle, feeling soggy and spent.

Immediately after posting yesterday, I retreated with a tall glass of water to replenish the vale of tears that accompanied my writing and stared out the kitchen window. Could I sustain this five days a week?

There were still publishing and marketing tasks to be done and a life, which was threatening to pummel through my office door. Could I sustain this?


This morning began differently. Instead of writing my blog first, I prepared and attended a Blog 101 Webinar by Jane Friedman, known for her popular blog about writing, reading, and publishing in the digital age.

I took her advice, sat back, didn’t take notes, and listened. As I followed her presentation on the computer screen, my confidence zoomed when I realized my blog had functionality and was marketing responsive, ha! Plus I already used a collection of widgets, and new what plug-ins were. I even felt savvy when I knew the answers to the other attendees’ questions.

Halfway through the Webinar though, she kicked it into high gear with the importance of understanding WordPress.com parent and child themes and Google analytics for our blogs. I resisted the urge to pick up my pen and take notes instead I chased after the information, much like I did as a kid when the water truck sprayed our dirt streets. It didn’t matter how soaked I got or even if I did get wet, the best part was the chase.

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