Another shot in the arm for this infertile woman

Last Saturday, during a nasty rainstorm in northern California, I drove seventy-five miles to attend the Hedgebrook Bay Area Chapter event to reconnect with fellow alumni and listen to Dorothy Allison and Karen Joy Fowler.

These astounding authors didn’t read from their most recent books, instead they regaled us with a conversation about their lives as writers. Riveted to my seat is a mere understatement. Each recount of their blunt and raw struggles, hilarious confessions, and no-holds-barred advice  reaffirmed and fueled my goal to tell my stories with humor and compassion, but without apology or shame.

I simply can’t thank Ms. Allison and Ms. Fowler enough for such a  memorable evening.

I invite you to visit–Women Authoring Change– and learn more about their mission.

Months after My Man and I lost our daughter to her birth mother, I received a letter from Nancy Nordhoff offering her condolences and an open invitation for me to retreat to one of the cottages again and let them and the farm help me heal.  

I learned to call myself a writer during my stay in Cedar Cottage.


One thought on “Another shot in the arm for this infertile woman

  1. Love your summary of the Hedgebrook event and how much of a shot in the arm it was. I absolutely agree and believe it is vital for women writers to establish and maintain strong bonds with other Estrogeniuses and spur one another along in an undertaking that is often painfully isolating.
    That is why writers’ blogs such as yours are my daily shot in the arm because you speak fearlessly not just to your own particular struggles as an adoptive mother but to the concurrent challenges of being a writer.
    Thank you as always.

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