I love the solitude my work requires, but

rubbing elbows with fellow writers and getting encouragement and sage advice from Dorothy Allison and Karen Joy Fowler fueled my determination to publish the multitude of stories I have.

These authors showered us with juicy behind the scenes bits of their lives as well as the importance of craft, but like a broken record, they came back to the importance of writing, submitting, and publishing. Talent wasn’t enough. We have to submit or Indie-publish, but we have to get it out there. Now!

I still recall their laughter as they locked eyes and bantered like the best of friends, but their call to women writers is what stands out.

I was fortunate that intelligent, sassy, and funny storytellers raised me. From my grandmothers and mother to my aunts and cousins, every single one of them captivated us with tales of our family history and town gossip. Sadly not one of them ever wrote down a word of this and not because they couldn’t.

I plan to make up for Nana Herminia, Nachu, Armidita, Tía Mary, and Tía Toñeta.

I will write and publish our stories.

2 thoughts on “I love the solitude my work requires, but

  1. Dearest Liz, I’m so glad you will! Your eloquent and palpable descriptions are captivating, and you have so much to share with others. Thanks for including me in this intimate glimpse into your lives. We are pleased to call you friends, and look forward to sharing some laughs together in the near future! Warm regards, Jessica

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