Life is a mixed bag…

some times heavier, other times lighter, but rarely if ever balanced for long.

I’ve been giddy while engrossed in preparation for the holiday release of Stretch Marks in paperback and E-book.

I just found out, due to a glitch on the publisher’s side and one wrong assumption on my part, my memoir won’t be ready for release until January 2013.

I’m bitterly disappointed. It’s not about loss of sales–this was my Christmas gift to myself. I’d put this one in my 2012 Bucket List. I’d been signing books in my dreams.

Tomorrow will be a better day, but for now, I’m sulking.

5 thoughts on “Life is a mixed bag…

  1. hey there sulky boots! I am so sorry to hear of your disappointment. It is hard to be all lined up internally for something to happen at a certain time and then have that change, especially in relation to your book. This has been such a long held dream and desire of yours that any glitch at this point is likely compounded by the enormous patience required of you over years and years already. Trust that somewhere in all of it there is a grand plan at play and know that I am awe of the fact that this is what you have achieved in this year.
    I mean, think about it Liz, this time last year you were belly deep in editing and look at you now, a book almost in hand.
    I say celebrate anyway and simply have it be like a gift that you begin to open at Christmas that you are still unwrapping in January!

  2. Lichi, don’t be disappointed, sulk abut and then Let it go, its all good! You are a terrific writer one that I am proud to call mi Hermana!

    Como decia mi mama ” no hay mal que Poe bien venga!!

    Love you

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