Putin’s Anti-US Adoptions Bill takes me right back to Juárez

Same kick in the gut, different country.

My heart aches for every parent and child put in this abhorrent situation where a family, however fragile, has taken shape and begun to root, only to be wrenched apart.

This is the inner hell of adoption limbo where the fate of an orphan dangles in the whims of politics and bureaucracy.

It’s where children are yanked from parents’ arms and find themselves back in an orphanage. An institution. Their waiting tank. It’s where parents are clenched in a fetal position begging for mercy from inconceivable pain or raging like wounded grizzlies who drop dead steps away from their cub.

I recall the nauseating moment when this happened to us. We had fulfilled the requirements for the wrong passport forms. An entire season of work had to be done over.

It almost slayed us.

I can imagine what some families are going though and I wish with all of my heart that the Russian adoption impasse is resolved quickly to minimize the pain for everyone involved.

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