Listen to your mother

Yes, you!

The listen to your mother show, is coming to the Bay area! Their motto being “Giving Mother’s Day a Microphone”.

“…Remember, regular everyday people with a story to tell make up the heart of LTYM. You don’t need to call yourself a writer. You don’t need any performing experience. You just need to share the story in your heart or on your mind.”Giving Mother’s Day a Microphone.”

Time to refine and rehearse the best of our stories and tell them to a live audience. Come on, how often are we aspiring  authors invited into the giddy nervous pleasure of reading our work out loud?

I can count the times on one finger, thanks to the utter devotion of the folks at The Monterey Bay Writer’s Studio, who showcased their students as budding local writers. I was hooked. I recall my instructor, prying my hands off of the microphone ready to announce the next writer, while I stood my ground like a petulant two-year old.

I loved the view from the dais. Row upon row of bookshelves framed a hefty and enthusiastic audience that made me feel like the famous authors’ photographs that lined the bookstores walls. I didn’t have a book to sell. Yet, but I would.

I do. I’m auditioning in February, how about you?


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