VETTING works much better than bribery!

Why I didn’t use the word vet before, and save myself a whole lot of trouble and time only attests to  the opacity of my blinders, which I straighten and tighten every morning to keep me focused on my goal–to publish my stories at all costs. And I mean at all costs. Yes, that too!

My teenage sons like the idea that their mother is a writer and a blogger as long as they don’t have to get involved. Well, now they have no choice. Family, friends, and followers  agree–they need to read VET my memoir. It’s imperative they know what I’m about to release to the public.

As soon as I used that three-letter word that the White House throws around like confetti, my oldest son puffed out and said, “Well, why didn’t you just say so?” I swear his posture straightened as I gave him the book and permission to mark it up. He wanted to know when I could take a meeting with him after he vets my book. Later on, when he abandoned  his homework and raked his hand through his thick hair as he vetted Stretch Marks, I fought the urge to dance around the dining room table. He was on chapter four! When my youngest shot him a dirty look and said, “you should be doing your homework,” I almost clocked him.

My youngest prefers reading comic books, National Geographic, and still rereads from his vast collection of Calvin and Hobbs, and so prefers to simply sign a disclaimer. When I said that wouldn’t be fair to him, he said, “I trust you, Mom.” Then he reconsidered and clarified,  “As long as you didn’t write about that time in Big Sur, remember, on Mother’s Day when I accidentally…,” as his eyebrows knitted together. I promised I didn’t. He followed me into the kitchen while I made dinner and continued, “But it would be okay if you wrote about the time we almost burned down the house, or I recycled your wedding ring, or remember when, I hid in that dollhouse at Toys R Us, and I wouldn’t answer, (pause for whooping laughter) even when you started crying.”

He was disappointed that those stories didn’t make it, but we struck a deal that I’d mark those chapters he appears in and he’ll vet those.

3 thoughts on “VETTING works much better than bribery!

  1. I love to be traveling this journey with you, amiga. I think it’s great your young boy decided to read the chapters where he appears. It’s great to see you they’re both becoming engaged with your work. I bet that feels nice, huh?

    abrazos a todos

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