Blogging and the inevitable criticism

I lap up the advice from seasoned bloggers on their method of managing criticism and am secretly relieved when they admit to handling it as poorly as I do. I’d assumed these highly regarded bloggers, who have tens of thousands of followers, would dismiss the handful of criticism among the hundreds of gratifying comments. Not so!

The tips they offer range from taking deep breaths, going for a walk to sleeping on it, and consistently include a warning to thwart the overpowering temptation to respond right away.

Well, that’s child’s play for those who don’t have an evil twin sister, like I do, lurking over their shoulder prodding them to reply NOW!

I have to wrench her hands from the keyboard and wrestle her to the ground. She fights back with a seductive promise that in a matter of minutes she can compose a wicked reply to put the ignoramus in their place. How dare they disagree with me!

Sometimes I give in, but on the condition that my evil twin sister has to respond on paper, away from the computer, and the submit button. I give her diatribe ample time and don’t dare censor her bombastic remarks. I cringe while she gleefully pummels one of my followers with a thick red marker until she’s exhausted her rage. I only offer a tissue to wipe the drool off her chin.

Next, she must read it out loud to me at least three times. She laughs at her snarky remarks and pouts when I don’t high-five her skewering the poor soul. We pin it up on my bulletin board and stand back, shoulder to shoulder. I thank her profusely. She beams at me. She’s satisfied and goes off looking for trouble elsewhere.

Only then do I respond with humility and gratitude that this person is following my blog and taking the time to offer their opinion.

I find this helps keep me sane and prevents me from making a fool of myself.

2 thoughts on “Blogging and the inevitable criticism

  1. I like your evil twin sister, and love your method for handling criticism.

    Mine: I don’t take praise or criticism seriously. I have a job to do, and I can’t allow myself to be distracted by the naysayers or the praisers (Usually the praisers want something out of me.)

    Yes, the criticism gets to me sometimes, and there’s been an occasion or two when the haters make me cry. They can’t stop me, though. And to the meanest people among them, I don’t respond at all. I can allow anybody to get the best out of me, much less a stranger.


    • I love your bravado, Claudia. My favorite part of your comment is: “Yes, the criticism gets to me sometimes, and there’s been an occasion or two when the haters make me cry. They can’t stop me, though.”
      That’s key! Thanks, Liz

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