I Remember…

writing these words in my journal, “Today, I become a mother. My arms will be full.” Emotions swelled like high tide that I was on terra firma to becoming a mother. The notion of transforming my journals into a book hadn’t taken root.

I spent the next few years overwhelmed by raising my toddler sons and adjusting to the considerable changes in my life. I had to accept that couldn’t have it all. I closed my web design business. I could only take on one day at a time.

And one day at a time, I began to write my story with the express purpose of wrestling with  my doubts. One page at a time evolved into a draft then a bona fide manuscript.

Today, I’m finally holding Stretch Marks in my hands and opened up the paperback to this page.

chaper 13_march 2013

It should be available on Amazon.com in a few days. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks!

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