Finally the long wait is over!

Stretch Marks is officially out in the wild and for sale at
It will also be available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book some time next week.
Needless to say, I’m grinning ear to ear.  
SM_Book Cover

11 thoughts on “Finally the long wait is over!

  1. Yay Liz!!!! OUTSTANDING!!! Congratulations! I have a friend who would love one for her sister who went through similar pains. Will you sign a copy?

    Vicky Einstein Culver

    Sent from my iPad

    • I would absolutely love to sign a copy for your friend’s sister! I’ll keep you all posted on the book signing party as well, hopefully towards the end of this month. Again thanks for your support and company these past months. Abrazos, Liz

  2. So proud of you dear friend! I will have an order for you to fill and want each copy signed at your book signing. Let’s pick a date and
    weI can get started planning!!!!!!!

  3. I saw the cover and description at the Createspace/Amazon website. Took my breath away. ¡Felicidades! Love you, Amy

  4. so proud of my little sister who sets big goals and meets them.

    On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 3:10 PM, Stretch Marks

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