Come Hear Why My Mother Thought She Was Horny!


The Cabrillo College English Department, Poetry Santa Cruz and Amber Coverdale Sumrall & Dena Taylor present The 32nd Annual In Celebration of the Muse, featuring 21 local women authors: Debra Spencer, Joan Zimmerman, Laura Davis, Liz Raptis Picco, Robin Lysne, Jo-Ann Birch, Becky Hall, Sarah Rabkin, Helene Simkin Jara, Wilma Marcus Chandler, Rosie King, Ellen Treen, Kate Aver Avraham, Joanie Maro, Patricia Zylius, Adela Najarro, Dina El Dessouky, Barbara Bloom, Magdalena Montagne, Neli Moody, and Clifford Henderson.

• Doors open at 7:00 pm for seating and tickets. The 2013 chapbook, In Celebration of the Muse 30th Anniversary Anthology, presenting one poem or short piece of fiction by each of the twenty readers for the 2012 reading, will be available for purchase for $10 along with books by the 2014 readers (cash and checks only).

This event is a benefit for Poetry Santa Cruz.




My Year Is Off To A Bang!

I started the New Year with a publishing goal of mine.midlife-mothering-200x300coming to fruition thanks to Cyma Shapiro’s wonderful anthology THE ZEN OF MIDLIFE MOTHERING where my essay Infertile, me? No Way–I’m Latina is proudly included among dozens of witty, candid, and finely crafted writing. 

Soon after, I received news that my October 2013 submission landed me a coveted spot on IN THE CELEBRATION OF THE MUSE where I’ll read Lioness in a Size Eight-Pantsuit  at Cabrillo College on March 8th. Please join us for a fun evening with a talented group of Santa Cruz County women.

SMASHED WRISTThen in mid-January while on a glorious bike ride, I was slammed off of my bike and ended up in the ER where seven hours later I left with a heavy-duty, double splint to keep my banged up   wrist and arm in place until surgery a week later.

Now, I belong to The Twisted Sister Club, my younger sister megaphones everyone as she shows off the centipede scar down her right arm. My scar is smaller thank goodness and my right arm is on the mend. The months ahead are filled with doctor visits, physical therapy, writing, and redesigning my website!